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Property Surveying Blog
Written by Aman Singh

In this week’s blog post I shall discussing what exactly is included within a Schedule of Condition Report.

We will follow on from my previous blog post regarding Party Wall Notices where we assumed that your neighbour (the building owner) plans to build an extension at the rear of their property and had therefore served a Section 6 (1) Notice in accordance with the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

We will further assume that you (the adjoining owner) responded to the Notice served upon you and chose to Dissent to the Party Wall Notice and appoint a Party Wall Surveyor to represent your interests.

Now… the building owner’s surveyor and myself have arranged to carry out a Schedule of Condition inspection on your property  thereby enabling us to progress the Party Wall Award to conclude the Party Wall procedures so that your neighbour (building owner) can commence their notifiable works.

What exactly is a Schedule of Condition Report? 

A Schedule of Condition Report is a factual record of the condition of your property. Your Party Wall Surveyor will compile a thorough written and photographic record of your property. This report is then used as a benchmark against which the condition of your property can be compared against once the notifiable works are complete.

In the event that your property sustains damage from the building owner’s notifiable works, then this factual record will act as evidence and ensure that the damage can be investigated and repaired accordingly.

What does the Schedule of Condition Report include? 

Generally speaking, the compilation of Schedule of Condition Reports can differ from firm to firm or surveyor to surveyor, but at Berry Lodge Surveyors we strive to ensure we include as much information and evidence as we can to protect your property in the event of any damage.

At Berry Lodge Surveyors, Schedule of Condition reports are made up in the following way:

Title Page:

It is vital that title pages can clearly dictate which property is being inspected and will further say “in relation to works taking place at” so that any person reading the report has clear reference and avoids any error.

Report Considerations:

Report considerations are important to ensure you as the reader of the report or the second surveyor are able to pinpoint the descriptions detailed within the report. For instance, I prefer to record descriptions of the items i’m inspecting as left or right whilst facing the item described.

Property Description:

This is probably the most important section of a Schedule of Condition report hence I felt it deserved it’s own heading!

In this section, the surveyor will record factual information regarding the condition of the property in relation to the notifiable works that are taking place. Generally, surveyors are able to sketch out which areas of the property they should inspect. As you remember, in this scenario your neighbour is carrying out a single storey rear extension therefore the most likely areas to inspect will be:

  • The rear lounge/diner of your property
  • Rear kitchen
  • Exterior rear elevation
  • Boundary fence

The reason these areas are most likely to be included within the written element of the report is because these areas will be the closest to where the notifiable works are taking place. If damage was to occur to your property, it is highly likely that it will occur in one of these areas above.

At Berry Lodge, we go a step further by individually inspecting every single wall, ceiling and flooring of particular area instead of grouping these areas together. The reason for this is simple.. client care is important to us and we wish to ensure your property is fully protected.

Furthermore, if we do see noticeable cracks in any area we are inspecting.. we will record the width of the crack which then allows us to investigate any changes to that area of damage once the notifiable works are complete.

Lastly, a Photographic Index

At Berry Lodge, we ensure that along with written factual condition of your property, we also include a thorough photographic record of the condition of your property. This photographic index is vital for us as surveyors to benchmark against the condition of the property before the notifiable works began and can be used as useful evidence should damage occur later on.

As you can see, we take pride in ensuring our clients have the peace of mind when building works are taking place next to their property. If you wish to speak to one of our Surveyors at the Berry Lodge team you can reach us through our website or contact us directly.