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Written by Beau Davies

Always work from scaffolding! Don't slip! #partywallCantilevered scaffolding is a form of scaffolding that is usually used to overcome obstacles that prevent a scaffolding tower being erected, or reduce the chances or damage occurring to the structure beneath the cantilevered area.

Conventional scaffolding would usually require a frame, post or base plate to rest on some part of the ground or structure beneath the proposed level of scaffolding.

While conventional scaffolding is perfectly acceptable when there is a clear area to construct the tower, when there area has obstacles such as a sloping roof, glazed roof or a weak surface it simply doesn’t work.

It is these types of situations where cantilevered scaffolding not only presents a cost effective solution, it is also time effective as well.

Cantilevered Scaffolding

We tend to see cantilevered scaffolding being installed when the Party Parapet wall is being raised at roof level, or the building owner’s loft dormer is being built up to the boundary line.

Such circumstances make it impractical and often unsafe to construct overhand and therefore access is usually agreed via a Party Wall Award, with that Award setting out the specifics of how the access is to be achieved.

Here at Berry Lodge, we recommend that any cantilevered scaffolding has the following:

Cantilevered Scaffolding Design

Double Boarded Platform

All platforms are double boarded with a sheet of monarflex sheeting laid between the boards.  This stops tools, roof tiles, bricks, dirt and even contractors falling onto the adjoining owner’s roof.

Toe/Kick Boards

That the structure has toe/kick boards installed to its perimeter.  This stops tools, roof tiles, bricks and dirt being nudged or kicked off the structure onto the adjoining owner’s roof.

Protective Rails

That the structure has both a guard rail and mid rail installed to its perimeter.  This ensures the contractor working on the platform is secure and stops a trip becoming a fall onto the adjoining owner’s property.

Monarflex Sheeting or Netting

That the structure is fully encapsulated in monarflex sheeting or netting.  This reduces the chances of tools, roof tiles, bricks, dirt and dust from entering the adjoining owner’s property.


That the structure is alarmed if there is risk of easy access to the property it over sails.  This ensures that the adjoining owner’s property isn’t left at any less risk that it was pre scaffolding.

Cantilevered Scaffolding ensures that contractors aren’t treading, walking or working from an adjoining owner’s roof and therefore ensures that broken roof tiles, slipped roof tiles or damaged flat or glazed roofs are one less concern during the course of the work.

If you think you will require cantilevered scaffolding on your project, or are about to have cantilevered scaffolding installed over your roof, give our experienced team of Party Wall Surveyors now and they will be happy to advise and assist you.