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Written by Bradley Mackenzie

As Party Wall Surveyors we regularly deal with loft extensions to semi detached or terraced properties.

During the process of undertaking the loft extension, the building owner will be exposing the Party Wall and as such the Party Wall etc Act 1996 enables a building owner to do this, subject to providing adequate weather proofing.

Formally covered by Section 2(2)(n) within the Act:

“to expose a party wall or party structure hitherto enclosed subject to providing adequate weathering”

As part of the Party Wall Award agreement process once the Party Wall is exposed it will need weathering to ensure that moisture doesn’t transfer into the adjoining owner’s property and cause penetrating damp.

Generally speaking, there are two different ways to weather proof an exposed wall.

Weatherproofed Scaffolding

The weatherproofing will be in the form of metal sheeting at roof level, with the scaffolding then being encapsulated in sheeting.

This form of weathering is ideal when the building owner intends to have scaffolding to the perimeter of the property.

Party Wall Weathering


Weatherproofing directly to the Exposed Wall

This form of weathering will see a layer of roofing felt or plastic sheeting fixed directly to the exposed Party Wall, with the sheeting then held in place with timber battens.

This form of weathering is ideal for sites when scaffolding isn’t going to be installed straight away, or the site may not allow for scaffolding.

Party Wall Weathering Wall

Both forms of weatherproofing ensure that the exposed walls are fully protected from rain, thereby ensuring moisture cannot penetrate the Party Wall and eventually lead to internal damage to the adjoining owner’s property.

We include weatherproofing with all of our applicable Party Wall Awards and in our experience have found it to be a very effective way of avoiding costly damage to an adjoining owner’s property.

If you are planning on undertaking Party Wall works to your property, or perhaps your neighbour is about to undertake Party Wall work, give our experienced Party Wall team a call now and we will happily provide 30 minutes free advice.