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Our Informative Videos

Here at Berry Lodge Surveyors we like to be a little different, we recognise that being different isn’t always a bad thing!

As part of our efforts to help inform our clients in a new and innovative way, we have recorded a number of informative Surveying Videos that should help answer and clarify any Surveying questions you may have.

With over 150,000 views, our videos have proudly help inform our peers and the public on Surveying topics.

Whether it be Party Wall Surveying, Valuations or Property Surveys we are assisting you with, you are sure to find a video here.

CCTV Drain Investigations

A CCTV Drain investigation survey can be a helpful tool for Party Wall construction works. We take a closer look at these in this informative video.

Surveying Drone

Our Surveying drone is currently being tested throughout a number of our Schedule of Condition Reports, so we expect these types of videos to form a common part of all of our Reports soon!

Rear and Side Extensions

In this short informative video, we will show you how straightforward it is to undertake a rear and side property extension.

Chimney Breast Removal

In this short informative video, we will show you how straightforward it can be to remove chimney breasts from a Party Wall within a property.

3 month Rear Extension project in less than 60 seconds!

In this time-lapse video you can see a 3 month rear extension project in less than 60 seconds. You can also see the drains being "built over" as per the legal Thames Water requirements.

RICS HomeBuyer Reports Condition Rating 3

Condition Ratings of 3 are the worst classification that a surveyor can give a defect, if you find yourself with condition ratings of 3 within your HomeBuyer Report you should discuss these with your Surveyor at the first instance.