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Our Informative Videos

Here at Berry Lodge Surveyors we like to be a little different, we recognise that being different isn’t always a bad thing!

As part of our efforts to help inform our clients in a new and innovative way, we have recorded a number of informative Surveying Videos that should help answer and clarify any Surveying questions you may have.

With over 150,000 views, our videos have proudly help inform our peers and the public on Surveying topics.

Whether it be Party Wall Surveying, Valuations or Property Surveys we are assisting you with, you are sure to find a video here.

Snagging Lists

In this video we discuss the basics of a pre purchase Snagging List and how we can be of assistance should you need one. Snagging lists can be a key part of negotiating the sales price of a new build property.

Party Wall Notice Responses

This informative Party Wall video discusses the Party Wall Notice response options open to an Adjoining Owner. Party Wall Notice Response options can be confusing. This explanatory Party Wall video should help you make a fully informed decision.

What is a Party Wall Notice

This informative Party Wall video discusses what a Party Wall Notice is, when it is required and the formalities surrounding it. Hopefully this Party Wall Notice Explainer Video will help you better understand the Party Wall Agreement process.

When do I serve a Party Wall Notice

This Informative Party Wall video discusses when a Party Wall Notice is due upon an Adjoining Owner, how a Building Owner can serve one and finally how to ensure the correct legal procedure is followed thereby ensuring valid Party Wall Notice service.

What is a Party Wall Surveyor

This informative Party Wall video discusses the role of a Party Wall Surveyor, the different type of Party Wall Surveyor appointments that exist and when they apply.

What is a Schedule of Condition Report

This Party Wall video discusses the importance of a Schedule of Condition Report, when they apply and how this detailed report could of benefit to you.