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Snagging List

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In this video we discuss the basics of a pre-purchase or post-work Snagging List and how we can be of assistance should you need one.

Snagging lists can be a key part of negotiating the sales price of a new build property or ensuring the contractor completes work to a high finish.

What is the Snagging List?

If you are about to purchase a new build property, before completion, you will want to ensure that the contractor has fully completed and finished the final touches to the highest possible standard.

As the purchaser of the property, it is your responsibility to point out these defects before completion and it is the contractor’s responsibility to make good those defects.

Once the various property snags or defects have been identified, the purchaser of the property can then provide this extensive list to the contractor. It is then the contractor’s responsibility to make good the defects and hand the keys over to the purchaser thereby allowing them to move in.

What is Property Snag?

A property snag can range from anything from a poorly fitted skirting board to penetration marks, to the balcony having scratches on the vision panels.

Generally speaking, property snags tend to minor in nature, however plentiful in number. To put this into perspective, on a one-bedroom flat we would expect to identify anywhere from 50 to 250 snags. This number multiplies on a larger property, for example on a three-bedroom house, we would expect to identify anywhere from 250 to 750 snags.


Typical Property Snags:

Property Snags can be wide and varying, we thought it would be helpful to identify some of the most common snags our Surveyors have seen over the years.

Defective Decorations
Defective Decorations

Whether it's poorly applied paint, peeling wall paper, poorly installed light fittings or uneven switches or sockets. Over the years we have seen and snagged them all!

Timber Issues
Fitted Floor Issues

Whether it's uneven floors, poorly fitted floors, cracked tiles, stained carpets and even scratched surfaces. Over the years we have seen and snagged them all!

Kitchen Defects
Kitchen Defects

Whether it's unlevel cabinets, ill fitted cabinet doors, cabinet doors that don't open, scratched kitchen work tops and even leaking taps. Over the years we have seen and snagged them all!

Bathroom Defects
Bathroom Defects

Whether it's leaking fittings, cracked shower trays, blocked pipes, ill fitting bath tubs and even showers without handles. Over the years we have seen and snagged them all!

Defective Doors
Defective Doors

Whether it's creaking doors, jamming doors, misaligned handles, defective locks, missing fire seals or scratched doors. Over the years we have seen and snagged them all!

Defective Windows
Defective Windows

Whether it's windows that are painted shut, stiff to open, misaligned or unlevel, missing sash weights or cracked glazing. Over the years we have seen and snagged them all!

Why should I get a Property Snagging List Report?

Ensuring the property snags are made good in advance of completing the property ensures you are getting the highest finish possible.

A Property Snagging List Report also enables you to pass the matter over to an experienced and qualified surveyor, thereby allowing you to avoid uncomfortable discussions with the contractor whereby you walk around the property and point out the various defects.

How do we ensure we can record the most thorough report possible?

In order to ensure that our Surveying team identifies and records all of the snags within the property, our Surveyors will work their way through the property room by room in a systematic and thorough approach.

Generally speaking, the Surveyor will start by inspecting the ceiling, then move onto the walls, the floor, the windows, the switches, the door furniture, and any other items within the room.

Each property snag is carefully recorded, described and photographed and then later on within the report, a recommended for making good the snag is made by the Surveyor.

How can a Property Snagging List Report help me?

Once the Property Snagging List Report has been prepared, we will send you both a soft (PDF copy) and two hard copies in the post, one for yourself and another to provide to the contractor or developer.

You can then present this thorough report prepared by one of our qualified Surveyors to the contractor or developer.  They  will then work their way through the report, making good the various defects that have been recorded.

The report will ensure that when you complete on the property you are getting the best possible finish possible.

Why choose us?

Unlike many other companies, our Surveying team is not only experienced but also qualified. This sets us apart from our competitors and ensures that we are always best placed to prepare the most thorough Property Snagging List Report possible.

In our experience, we know that contractors or developers can often raise the issue with a snagging list, or can dispute the snag. It is for that reason that we will happily discuss the snagging report with them as part of our fixed fee, thereby ensuring you are free from the dispute allowing you to focus your time on preparing for your move or settling in.


The Berry Lodge A, B, C System of Snagging Analysis

As Chartered Surveyors we appreciate that purchasing or developing a can be a stressful time, with a Property Snagging List Report sometimes being a confusing read if you don’t have a great deal of property experience.

We have therefore created an A to C snag analysis system!

Our aim is to ensure that our reports are clear and easy to follow, while also making the snag or defect as easy to identify and address as possible.

We find that this addition to our service not only avoids disputes but also takes away a small part of the stress of purchasing and moving into your new home, or developing your home.

Level "A" Snag

A snag or defect that will require unskilled contractor time and labor and is generally considered to be a minor repair.

Level "B" Snag

A snag or defect that will require skilled contractor time and labor and is generally considered to be an intermediate repair.

Level "C" Snag

A snag or defect that will require specialist contractor time and labor and could require potential replacement.

Property Snagging List Report Fixed Costs:

Here at Berry Lodge Surveyors, we believe Surveying costs should be transparent, fixed and never include any hidden extras.

All of our Snagging List Reports are set at fixed costs and include the inspection, report, and discussion with the contractor in the event that they want to discuss the content of the report or our recommended making good suggestion.


  • Studio Flat Fees from
    £550 + VAT
  • 1 Bedroom Flat Fees from
    £575 + VAT
  • 2 Bedroom Flat Fees from
    £600 + VAT
  • 3 Bedroom Flat Fees from
    £650 + VAT


  • 1 – 3 Bedroom House Fees from
    £800 + VAT
  • 3 plus Bedroom House Fees from
    £850 + VAT


Typical Property Snagging List Questions

  • How long does a Snagging List inspection Take?

    The duration of the Snagging List inspection very much depends on the size of the property.

    We would advise budgeting anywhere from 45 minutes to 5 hours at which time the Surveyor undertaking the inspection will be taking a thorough photographic and written record of the property recording all the defects within it.

    Generally speaking, the larger the property, the longer the inspection will take.

  • What parts of the property will be inspected?

    In a nutshell, all parts and elements of the property will be inspected along with everything in it.

    The inspection will cover both internal and external areas and in some cases can also include communal areas.

  • Will you advise on how to make good the snag or defect?

    Yes, as standard we will advise on how the snag or defect should be made good. This will ensure clarity when discussions with the developer or contractor commence.

    We also include a rating system that classifies the snags or defects in an easy to understand and format.

Here are some Snagging Lists we have done in the past:

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