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RICS Homebuyer Report

If you are purchasing a property you will want to ensure that there aren’t any hidden defects or surprises lurking within. In order to ensure this, you will need to instruct an experienced RICS Chartered Surveyor to complete a thorough survey.

Having an RICS HomeBuyer Report undertaken in advance of your purchase, ensures that a qualified and experienced Chartered Surveyor visits the property, fully inspects it and then finally confirms the findings in a clear and concise report.

Why chose an RICS Homebuyer Report?

An RICS HomeBuyer report will focus on all facets of the property and give the property buyer a full and thorough understanding of the current state of the property, fully outlining any defects or issues that are present.

The RICS HomeBuyer Report classifies any defects that are present within the property in an easy to identify ‘traffic light system’. This condition rating system will enable you to quickly identify items of defect and establish the potential cost implications associated with those defects.


RICS HomeBuyer Report Condition Ratings:


Green: Condition Rating 1 (CR1)

No repair is currently needed.
The property must be maintained in the normal way.

Amber: Condition Rating 2 (CR2)

Defects that need repairing or replacing but are not considered to be either serious or urgent.

Red: Condition Rating 3 (CR3)

Defects that are serious and/or need to be repaired, replaced or investigated urgently.

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What are the benefits of an RICS HomeBuyer Report?

Once the Chartered Surveyor has completed the inspection of the property and prepared the RICS HomeBuyer Report, you will be able to make a fully informed decision on whether you want to proceed with the property purchase or whether to adjust the purchase offer based off the defects identified.

The RICS HomeBuyer Report focuses on all aspects of the property from the outside, to the inside, to the services, to the grounds. The completed report should not only highlight defect and issue within the property, but will also rate those defects thereby ensuring you have a full understanding of the property and the cost implications of proceeding with the purchase.


The RICS HomeBuyer Report Process:


Pre Inspection Investigation

Before visiting site, our Surveying team will have undertaken extensive research to ensure that when we undertake our inspection, we are fully informed on the type of property being purchased. This ensures we have all the facts to hand during the inspection.

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Surveyor Site Inspection

During the inspection our Surveyor will fully inspect the property and will be able to establish any issues that are lurking within. The surveyor will inspect all elements of the property from the roof, to the walls, to the grounds. You can be sure that no stone is left unturned.

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Surveyor's Report & Determination

Having now had the opportunity to undertake both pre-site investigation and thorough site inspection, the Surveyor will compile a comprehensive report that will give a clear view on the property. The report will condition rate the issues ranging from green to red, thereby ensuring you are fully informed prior to your property purchase.

RICS HomeBuyer Report Fixed Costs:

Here at Berry Lodge Surveyors we believe Surveying costs should be transparent, fixed and never include any hidden extras.

All of our RICS HomeBuyer Reports are set at fixed costs and include the inspection, report and discussion and recommendations once the report is complete and in the hands of our clients.


Studio Flat Fees from £350 + VAT

1 Bedroom Flat Fees from £450 + VAT

2 Bedroom Flat Fees from £500 + VAT

3 Bedroom Flat Fees from £550 + VAT


1-3 Bedroom House Fees from £600 + VAT

3 plus Bedroom House Fees from £650 + VAT


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