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Property Mediation

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In this video we discuss the basics of Property Mediation and how we can be of assistance should you find yourself needing assistance on a Mediation matter.

A number of our Surveyors are RICS Accredited Mediators and have the experience and background to resolve potential Property disputes.

What is Mediation in Property Disputes?

Disputes amongst parties can be incredibly stressful and can also take a significant amount of time and cost in reaching a resolution. Mediation ensures that a neutral and impartial person assists the respective parties in resolving the dispute at hand, enabling the parties to reach a mutually agreed settlement.

Mediation is a voluntary form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and is the process of resolving a dispute between two, or more people.

How does Property Mediation work?

The mediation process involves the respective parties to the dispute attending mediation. The mediation process tends to be over a full day and provides the respective parties with a cost-effective option to resolve the dispute at hand, or at the very least significantly narrow the matters in dispute.

Mediation starts with each respective party making an opening statement in the presence of both the other party and the mediator.

Once the parties have made their opening statements, they then discuss the dispute at hand directly with the mediator through private sessions. The mediator will then visit each respective party throughout the day and put forward offers and content from the parties, thereby assisting in a mutually agreed resolution.


Property Mediation, The Basics:



Party Wall Consent
Party to Dispute

Each party to the mediation is given the opportunity to share their issues with the mediator, working towards resolution and agreement.

Party Surveyor

The mediator visits each respective party throughout the day and puts forward offers and content from the parties, assisting in a mutually agreed resolution.

Party Wall Consent
Party to Dispute

The respective parties will be located in separate rooms, with the mediator visiting each throughout the day, helping the parties reach an agreement.

What are the benefits of Property Mediation?

Mediation benefits are far and wide, however generally include the following benefits:

  • A cost-effective option for resolving the dispute
  • A time effective option for resolving the dispute
  • It enables the parties to take control of the dispute and work together to reach a mediated settlement
  • The process is entirely confidential and without prejudice
  • Mediation is a voluntary process
  • It allows the parties to reach a resolution that the Courts may not be in a position to
  • The mediator is impartial and isn’t tasked with making any form of judgment
  • Mediation has over an 85% success rate for resolving disputes

How long does Property Mediation take?

The mediation process is different for every case that we deal with. However, we advise allowing for a full day for the mediation itself.

In the majority of cases, throughout the day our mediators are able to work with the parties to assist them in reaching a mutually agreed resolution, or at the very least significantly narrowing the matters in dispute.

What sets our Property Mediators apart?

Our mediators have an extensive background in property disputes in both the residential and commercial sector, they also have a varied range of experience and qualifications from being members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyor, to being members of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, to being RICS Accredited Mediators and RICS Registered Valuers.

This breadth of background and experience ensures we are best placed to assist with your property mediation matter.

How much does Property Mediation cost?

Here at Berry Lodge Surveyors, we believe mediation costs should be transparent, fixed and never include any hidden extras.

Our property mediation costs include a full day of the mediator’s time during the mediation itself and also include all associated costs including; the venue for the mediation and all associated correspondence after the mediation.

  • Our property mediation costs start at
    £775 + VAT per party.


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