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Full Building Survey

If you are purchasing a property you will want to ensure that there aren’t any hidden defects or surprises lurking within.

In order to ensure this, you will need to instruct an experienced RICS Chartered Surveyor to undertake a thorough pre-purchase survey.

Having a Full Building Survey undertaken in advance of purchase, ensures that a qualified and experienced Chartered Surveyor visits the property, fully inspects it and then finally confirms the findings in a thorough and comprehensive report.

Why chose a Full Building Survey?

A Full Building Survey is the most comprehensive and detailed pre-purchase survey that you can undertake in advance of purchasing the property.

The inspection covers all aspects of the property from the outside, to the inside, to the services to the ground.

The completed report should not only fully confirm and thoroughly explain the defect and issue within the property, but will also fully explain the cost implications of the defects.

The report will then conclude with numerous recommendations provided by the Chartered Surveyor who prepared the report, focusing on the repairs that are needed, the cost implications of those repairs as well as a number of recommendations of experienced and previous client approved contractors to complete the necessary construction work.


Typical Property Defects our Surveyors identify during their inspections?

Building Surveys are the most thorough investigation a Surveyor can undertake in advance of the property purchase taking place, we thought it would be helpful to identify some of the defects our surveyors have spotted over the years.


Damp is by far one of the most misdiagnosed defects our surveyors' see, with costs ranging from hundreds to thousands of pounds, it is imperative to get an experienced and qualified team of surveyors on board to fully advise you and address the issue at its root.

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Timber Issues

Timber issues are far and wide and can range from pest infestation or damage, to wet rot or dry rot, to structural overloading and even water penetration.

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Pests consume their way through the wooden beams and timber portions of the house and if left to thrive and unchecked, the weakened of the timber could result in the structural failure of the building itself.

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Party Wall Damage
Structural Movement

Structural movement can be a worrying time for any homeowner. Structural movement can result from a long list of issues, from shallow foundations, to ground water, to trees within the vicinity of the property or quite simply poor construction.

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Party Wall Weathering
Roofing Issues

Roofing issues can lead to damp penetration, ingress of pests and even structural overloading to the envelope of the property. Catching this defect pre purchase is key.

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Invasive Plants

The existence of invasive plants can lead to significant issues including the withdrawal of the mortgage, costly removal and potential structural damage. Locating this issue in advance of the property purchase is crucial.

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Full Building Survey Fixed Costs:

Here at Berry Lodge Surveyors we believe Surveying costs should be transparent, fixed and never include any hidden extras.

All of our Full Building Surveys are set at fixed costs and include the inspection, report and discussion and recommendations once the report is complete and in the hands of our clients.


Fees start from £500 + VAT


1-3 Bedroom House Fees from £850 + VAT

3 plus Bedroom House Fees from £975 + VAT


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