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Defect Analysis Report

What is a Property Defect Analysis Report?

A Property Defect Analysis Report focuses solely on a specific issue within the property.

The inspection and report will determine the cause and cost of the defect and will then go onto confirm the solution required to rectify and make good the defect.

Property defects can be confusing and costly for homeowners and if substandard advice is obtained, it can lead to costly and unnecessary contractor repairs.

Through our experienced and qualified team of Surveyors, we aim to avoid this mistake and assist in having the defect made good in both a time and cost effective manner


Typical Property Defects where we would recommend having a Property Defect Analysis Report undertaken

Party Wall Damage
Structural Movement

Structural movement can be a worrying time for any homeowner. Structural movement can result from a long list of issues, from shallow foundations, to ground water, to trees within the vicinity of the property or quite simply poor construction.

Addressing the structural defect can be both a costly and involve intrusive construction work. With solutions potentially being the installation of wall plates, underpinning and even replacement or rebuild, it is key to ensure you seek advice from an experienced and qualified team of Surveyors.


Damp problems can be a frustrating time for any homeowner, the damage caused can often lead to unsightly staining, increased moisture levels, unattractive odour and both decorative and structural damage.

Damp is by far one of the most misdiagnosed defects our Surveyor's see, with costs ranging from hundreds to thousands of pounds, it is imperative to get an experienced and qualified team of Surveyors on board to fully advise you and address the issue at its root.

Timber Issues

Timber issues are far and wide and can range from pest infestation or damage, to wet rot or dry rot, to structural overloading and even water penetration.

Within the UK almost every house will have some form of timber member within it.

Having a thorough understanding of the type of issues that can lead to timber problems will ensure the matter is dealt with in the most time and cost effective way possible.

How can a Property Defect Analysis Report help me?

Once the Property Defect Analysis Report has been prepared, it should confirm exactly what is causing the issue or defect and will also confirm the exact steps that need to be taken in order to rectify and solve the issue.

We understand that property defects can be a stressful time for homeowners, our advice will ensure you can deal with the issue at its root and complete the necessary works in the most time and cost effective way possible.

Why choose us?

Over the years our Surveyors have dealt with defects to all types of properties from studio flats to historic listed homes.

Our breadth of experience ensures we are always best placed to be able to assist our clients with their property defect matter, ensuring both a time and cost effective solution is provided.

Unlike other Surveying companies we also source costings for the solutions and provide you with a list of three different companies that will be able to make good the defect. This ensures you are well placed to deal with the issue in both a time and cost effective way.

We can also assist in the completion of the necessary construction or making good works, managing the contractor and ensuring the works are completed in the most cost and time effective manner possible.


Defect Analysis Report Process:

Pre Site Investigation

Before visiting site our Surveying team will have undertaken extensive research to ensure that when we undertake our inspection we are fully informed on the issue, whether it be reviewing historic works, planning records or insurance records. We will ensure we have the facts to hand for our inspection.

Party Wall Award Appeal
Surveyor Inspection

During the inspection our Surveyor will fully inspect the property and the defect and will be able to establish the root cause of the issue. It isn't uncommon for the Surveyor to inspect all parts of the property both internal and external to properly "follow the trail" and determine the problem.

Party Wall Notice
Surveyor's Report & Determination

Having now undertake pre-site investigation and site inspection, the Surveyor will compile a comprehensive report giving a clear view on the cause of the issue, how to address the issue and most importantly the potential costs. If required, we are also happy to recommend contractors to complete the work.

Property Defect Analysis Report Costs

Here at Berry Lodge Surveyors we believe Surveying costs should be transparent, fixed and never include any hidden extras.

All of our Defect Analysis Reports are set at a fixed cost and include the inspection, report and repair recommendations.


Studio Flat Fees from £400 + VAT

1 Bedroom Flat Fees from £425 + VAT

2 Bedroom Flat Fees from £450 + VAT

3 Bedroom Flat Fees from £525 + VAT


1-3 Bedroom House Fees from £575 + VAT

3 plus Bedroom House Fees from £650 + VAT


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