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Party Wall Surveyors

Party Wall Surveyors undertake numerous different roles through the process of agreeing a Party Wall Award

In agreeing a Party Wall Award a Party Wall Surveyor’s role will be defined by the building owner’s Party Wall construction works and respective properties. However, commonly these may include:

  • Reviewing all of the building owner’s construction plans, structural designs, and drawings. In particular, these will be reviewed from the perspective of the adjoining owner’s property.
  • Visiting the adjoining owner’s property in advance of the Party Wall construction works commencing to undertake a photographic and detailed written Schedule of Condition Report. This thorough report then acts as a record in the event of damage or issue.
  • Putting in place any protection statements covering the adjoining owner’s property. The building owner’s contractor or workmen will then be duty-bound to adhere to these during the course of the Party Wall works.
  • Dealing with issues such as the contractor’s working hours, noisy works, access, and nuisance. These will all be considered in advance of the building owner’s work commencing.
  • Agreeing a Party Wall Award, which is a legal document protecting the adjoining owner’s property against any damage caused to their property as a result of the building owner’s Party Wall works. A Party Wall Award is commonly also referred to as a Party Wall Agreement.
  • Visiting the adjoining owner’s property before, during and after the construction works to ensure the protective clauses of the Party Wall Award are being adhered to, while also ensuring the adjoining owner’s property is fully protected.

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