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Party Wall Agreement

The Party Wall Award also referred to as a Party Wall Agreement is a legal document prepared by the two appointed Party Wall Surveyors or the Agreed Party Wall Surveyor.

The Party Wall Award is the conclusion of the Party Wall process and once served, it means that the building owner is free to commence their proposed construction works subject to adhering to the requirements set out within the Party Wall Award.

Although every Party Wall Agreement is different and specific to the building owner’s and adjoining owner’s properties, generally speaking the Party Wall Award will contain the following information:

  • A description of the works being undertaken
  • The agreed protection measures to the adjoining owner’s property
  • Method statements for the contractor to adhere to
  • Access statements for the contractor to adhere to
  • Clarification of the formal procedures in the event of damage or issue
  • A timescale for the duration of the works
  • The Schedule of Condition Report

The main benefit of a Party Wall Award is that it places the dispute in the hands of the Agreed Party Wall Surveyor or the two Party Wall Surveyors; this not only means that both owners are fully and legally protected.

It also means that in the event of issue, damage or dispute the Party Wall Surveyor or Party Wall Surveyors are appointed to step in and resolve the dispute through their experience and knowledge thereby ensuring swift and cost effective resolution.

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