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The Berry Lodge Portal

Redefining Client Interaction!

Here at Berry Lodge, our clients are at the core of our activities, we work hard to ensure the service we offer them is unparalleled.

The Berry Lodge Portal is an industry first and puts you firmly in the driving seat of your Surveying matter.

Not only does it allow full client integration into the day to day activities of the file, but it has the benefit of keeping you fully informed on each and every aspect of the Surveyor’s actions and activities.

Here are just a few of its features:

Stay In Control and Up to Date

The Berry Lodge Portal ensures that you’re in control of your Surveying matter throughout the job and are only ever a click away from a file update.

We’ve built a percentage progress chart that is updated by the Surveyor handling your file each and every time there is a status change or update.

But not only that, you’re also updated when ever action is taken, whether it information review, report drafting, communication on the file or anything else for that matter, you will be updated and informed.

This gives you an all important percentage completion statistic so that you now exactly how close we are to completing the job!


Direct Messaging

The Berry Lodge Portal has direct messages that enable you, your contractor, architect, agent, engineer, or whoever else is a party to the job and file to message the Surveyor directly. 

All of our Surveyors work from tablet devices when they aren’t in the office, this means that their tablets are updated directly and ensures that you are able to get that much needed response as quickly and as simply as possible!

As Surveyors spend an equal amount of time on site, as they do in the office, we understand that there can be occasion where waiting for the Surveyor to be back in the office before response can be an issue.

Group Messaging 

Along with the Direct Messaging, the Berry Lodge Portal also has the benefit of Group Messaging.

This means that you can add anyone to the portal, enabling you to keep all of those people concerned up to date. 

Whether this be your; architect, contractor, engineer, solicitor, neighbour, agent or whoever else is a party to the matter. This should save you time as all parties will benefit from the same updates you get!

It will also provide you a safe and secure forum to discuss the Surveying matter. This is especially helpful should there be neighbourly dispute.

Conference Calls

In this day and age, we understand that business is no longer restricted to emails and telephone calls. One positive to take from 2020’s lockdown is that business communications can be multi-dimensional!

The Berry Lodge Portal gives you the opportunity to conference call the Surveyor handling your file, along with anyone else who is a party to the Surveying job.

As confirmed above, this could be your; architect, contractor, engineer, solicitor, neighbour, or agent.

This will enable you to have an informed discussions with all involved parties ensuring you are and your team are fully abreast of the Surveying matter and up to date!


Team Interration

The Berry Lodge Portal also gives you the option of adding anyone you wish to our automatic updates and messages list. This has the benefit of meaning multiple people can be updated at any given time, ensuring the entire team are aware of the ongoings of the file.

Whether this is the contractor being updated on the Party Wall Surveying Matter, the selling agent being updated on the status of the pre-purchase Surveyor, your neighbour being updated on the Boundary Dispute, or whoever else needs the update.

They will get the same access to the percentage progress chart, same automated updates, access to your Surveyor and messaging features ensuring full understanding across the team.

Keeping a team abreast of the matter has never been so easy!

Secure Document Storage

We are all faced with multiple daily emails, phone calls and letters! More often that not important documents can become lost or long filed in your emails making them hard to locate when you need them.

The Berry Lodge Portal allows you to store all of your pertinent Surveying documents in one place. Whether it be photographs, drawings, documents, reports or letters. The Portal will store it safely and securely in one place making it quick and easy for you to locate and review.

The Portal also has the added benefit of allowing you to share the document with other people at the click of a button. Whether this is sending the selling Agent a copy of the pre-purchase report, the Architect the Party Wall Award, the Contractor the drawings or whomever it may be. The portal makes it safe, simple and easy!

Access to Client Approved Tradesmen 

Over the years we’ve dealt with thousands of clients who have used the services or all types of tradesman and service providers.

We’ve spent a lot of time speaking with our clients to find out those contractors, roofers, damp specialists, engineers, architects, decorators and solicitors that have provided them with excellent services.

Only the ones who are client approved make the cut!

The Berry Lodge Portal gives you access to all of these companies and people, hopefully helping you obtain the best possible person for the job you need doing!

Company Discounts

Here at Berry Lodge, we know that costs are an all important part of any Surveying matter.

We also know that being able to make savings is key in this day and age. The Berry Lodge Portal enables you to send discount codes to friends, colleagues or acquaintances so that they can benefit from savings across any of the Surveying Services we offer.

Whether it’s a discount on a RICS HomeBuyer Report, Licence for Alterations, Boundary Dispute or any of the other Services we offer, they’ll soon be making savings!

But that’s not all, if the recipient of the discount code instructs us, you will also receive a discount!