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Property Surveying Blog
Written by Beau Davies

Telescopic Air VentWithin London and other highly built up areas, there are an array of issues that need to be overcome when construction works are taking place.

At Berry Lodge, we see a number of issues during our site inspections, one of the more common ones we are seeing is air vents, boiler flues or air bricks that have in the past been constructed in incorrect positions.

This problem tends to only raise its head when a building owner intends to construct their proposed extension alongside an adjoining owner’s property.

As with most built up areas, added space comes at a premium and as such owners are forever aiming to increase their living space. This can often mean that a new wall will be built as close to the boundary line as possible, which can mean incorrectly installed boiler flues, air vents or air bricks, can often be in the way.

Under the Act, the building owner has the legal right to build within the full curtilage of their property and therefore when a potential obstruction presents itself, there are a number of construction solutions to overcome the issue.

One of these we have dealt with recently is the installation of a telescopic air vent.Telescopic Vent

A telescopic air vent essentially allows the building owner to preserve the adjoining owner’s easement and enables the building owner to construct their proposed extension without a design change or interruption to their proposals.

The installation enables air to flow freely to the original air vent and ensures that the issues such as condensation doesn’t become a future damage issue to the adjoining owner’s property. are a great solution to a potentially design changing problem and are also a very cost effective. With air vents costing in the range of £75.00 to £100.00 and the additional onsite contractor costs being minimal, this solution is a must.