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Our Property Surveying Podcast

The Berry Lodge Surveying Podcast

As part of our dedication to fully informing our peers, the public and our clients on various different Property Surveying matters, we have launched a topical and informative Surveying Podcast.

Not only are we the first Surveying company to offer a Surveying Podcast, we are also the first to discuss various different Surveying topics including Party Wall Surveying, Valuation related topics and various other Surveying topics, in a straightforward and informative medium.

Our Podcast is free and available on iTunes and Spotify, why not join our growing 10,000 listeners and have a listen now!



Party Wall Notices to an Unknown Owner

In this Party Wall Podcast we will be discussing Party Wall Notices and in particular what to do when you are unsure of the adjoining owner's name.

This is a rare issue however when it arrises it needs to be carefully dealt with to avoid issue and delay!

Party Wall Agreements & The Agreed Surveyor

In this Party Wall Podcast we will be discussing an Agreed Surveyor's role within the Party Wall Agreement process.

Agreed Surveyors are often the preferred option of a Building Owner as they are both more time and financially effective.

This Podcast aims to clarify all the facts surrounding an Agreed Surveyor's appointment.

Party Wall Access

In this Party Wall Podcast we will be discussing Party Wall Access and in particular when it relates, the forms of protections used with the access and finally what to do if you think it may be applicable to your proposed work.

Party Wall access can be a stressful time for an Adjoining Owner, this podcast addresses some of the points a Party Wall Surveyor will consider when awarding access onto an Adjoining Owner's land.

Party Wall Surveyor Roles

In this Party Wall Podcast we will be discussing a Party Wall Surveyor's role, what they do and how they can assist on your Party Wall Agreement.

With a lot of information on a Party Wall Surveyor's roles, duties and limitations, we thought we would give you our take on it!

Party Wall Mistakes

In this Party Wall Podcast we will be looking at some of the typical Party Wall mistakes that we have seen over the years.

This Podcast ensure that you can avoid those typical mistakes, thereby ensuring that your proposed works progress as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Party Wall Schedule of Condition Reports

In this Party Wall podcast we will be looking at the importance of undertaking a Schedule of Condition Report.

A Schedule of Condition Report is a key step in the Party Wall Agreement procedure, in this podcast we look at the benefits of one, when they are required and why they are imperative to both owners.