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Our Property Surveying Podcast

The Berry Lodge Surveying Podcast

As part of our dedication to fully informing our peers, the public and our clients on various different Property Surveying matters, we have launched a topical and informative Surveying Podcast.

Not only are we the first Surveying company to offer a Surveying Podcast, we are also the first to discuss various different Surveying topics including Party Wall Surveying, Valuation related topics and various other Surveying topics, in a straightforward and informative medium.

Our Podcast is free and available on iTunes and Spotify, why not join our growing 10,000 listeners and have a listen now!

Party Wall Enclosure Costs

In this Party Wall podcast we will be discussing the topic of a Party Wall enclosure.

This section of the Party Wall etc Act 1996 is more common than you would think and is rarely known or budgeted for by the Building Owner or the Adjoining Owner.

Hopefully this Party Wall podcast will help clarify the topic and ensure you are fully informed.

Party Wall Notices

In this Party Wall podcast we will be discussing Party Wall Notices.

Have you served a Party Wall Notice and your neighbour hasn't responded?

Are you confused about what to do next? This Party Wall podcast addresses this dilemma!

Party Wall Third Surveyors

In this Party Wall Podcast will we will be addressing the topic of Third Surveyors and the role they play in the Party Wall Agreement.

Third Surveyors play a key role in the Party Wall Agreement process and are selected on every two surveyor Party Wall Agreement.

This Party Wall Podcast discusses exactly what they do, how they are selected and what you can expect from one.

Invalid Party Wall Notices

In this Party Wall Podcast we will be looking at how to avoid some of the common mistakes and ensure valid Party Wall Notice Service.

Party Wall Notices legally commence the Party Wall procedures therefore legally valid service is pivotal, hopefully this podcast will fill in the gaps!

Party Wall Security for Expenses

In this Party Wall Podcast we will looking at Security for Expenses, what it is, when it applies and how it is dealt with.

Security for Expenses is a complex part of the Party Wall etc Act 1996 therefore having a firm understanding of it is key!

Party Wall Injunctions

In this Party Wall Podcast we will be taking an in-depth look at Party Wall Injunctions.

Party Wall Injunctions are a hot topic amongst Adjoining Owners, if you are considering going down the route of obtaining an Injunction listening to this podcast is a must!