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Our Property Surveying Podcast

The Berry Lodge Surveying Podcast

As part of our dedication to fully informing our peers, the public and our clients on various different Property Surveying matters, we have launched a topical and informative Surveying Podcast.

Not only are we the first Surveying company to offer a Surveying Podcast, we are also the first to discuss various different Surveying topics including Party Wall Surveying, Valuation related topics and various other Surveying topics, in a straightforward and informative medium.

Our Podcast is free and available on iTunes and Spotify, why not join our growing 10,000 listeners and have a listen now!

Japanese Knotweed

In this Surveying Podcast we will be discussing Japanese Knotweed.

Japanese Knotweed is fast becoming one of the most common issues our surveyors identify on site. With the removal and treatment costs in 2015 alone being over £150 million nationwide, this is fast becoming one of the most costly surveying issues we have seen in years.

Damp in Properties

In this Surveying Podcast we will be discussing Damp in Properties. Damp is one of the most common forms of defect our surveying team sees in properties.

This Podcast will take a closer look at this topic, hopefully helping you to address the issue before it becomes an intrusive and costly defect.

Thames Water Build Over Agreements

In this Party Wall Podcast we will be discussing Thames Water Build Over Agreements; What they are and how they can affect your proposed construction works.

This Podcast takes a closer look at this confusing topic, to hopefully help you avoid unexpected delay and cost to your construction works.

Leasehold & Freehold Owners; Who to Serve a Party Wall Notice on

In this Party Wall Podcast we will be discussing who a building owner should serve a Party Wall Notice on, when the adjoining owner is a mix of both leasehold & freehold owners. This is more common than you would imagine and pretty much applies to any building owner who lives in, or next to a purpose built or converted block of flats.

Defective Party Fence Walls

In this Party Wall Podcast we be looking at defective Party Fence Walls.

Party Fence Walls are common in Victorian & Edwardian properties.

Lets assume the Party Fence Wall is damaged and in need to repair works, what can a building owner do if the adjoining owner doesn't want to contribute to the repair cost?

This Party Wall Podcast addresses this exact issue and sets out the steps a building owner can take to resolve it.

Party Wall Damage

In this Party Wall Podcast we will be discussing Party Wall Damage.

This Podcast will look at exactly what an adjoining owner can do if damage is caused to their property as a result of the building owner's Party Wall Works.

We understand that damage can be a very stressful time for both the building owner and adjoining owner, hopefully this Party Wall Podcast will help alleviate some of the concern and fully inform you of the repair options that are available.