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Our Property Surveying Podcast

The Berry Lodge Surveying Podcast

As part of our dedication to fully informing our peers, the public and our clients on various different Property Surveying matters, we have launched a topical and informative Surveying Podcast.

Not only are we the first Surveying company to offer a Surveying Podcast, we are also the first to discuss various different Surveying topics including Party Wall Surveying, Valuation related topics and various other Surveying topics, in a straightforward and informative medium.

Our Podcast is free and available on iTunes and Spotify, why not join our growing 10,000 listeners and have a listen now!



How Soon Should you Serve a Party Wall Notice?

Party Wall Procedures are often overlooked and if left to the last minute can cause delay to the proposed construction works.

Therefore it is key to ensure that the timings of the Notice and response is fully taken into account! This podcast talks about Party Wall Notice timings and gives you some handy tips!

What is a Party Wall Award?

In this Property Surveying Podcast, we will be discussing Party Wall Awards and going into more detail on what an Award is, the information it includes and when you can expect to receive one.

Party Wall Awards have been given many names over the years from Party Wall Agreements, to Party Wall Contracts, to Party Wall Documents. In this podcast we will look at the common types of information that is included within a Party Wall Award to help you fully understand them!

What to do when you’re Served with a Party Wall Notice?

With more and more property owners undertaking structural works to their property, Party Wall procedures are becoming an increasingly common hurdle to overcome in the pre construction process.

This podcast looks at a Party Wall Notice from the perspective of the adjoining owner and sets out all of the options they have open to them upon receiving the Notice.

Property Movement Monitoring

In this Surveying Podcast we will be discussing Property Movement Monitoring in the contact of Party Wall Surveying and when it is applicable.

With more and more property owners undertaking works to their property rather than moving house, this is becoming an increasingly common addition to the protective and precautionary measures on site.

While the initial installation costs are high, the savings in damage that doesn't occur or is limited are significant. Hear a little more about this topic and when it may apply on our Podcast.

Rebuild Valuations Explained

In this Property Surveying Podcast, we will be discussing Valuations and in particular Rebuild Valuations.

Given that every property in the world will have some form of insurance, we thought it would be a helpful topic to discuss in a little more detail confirming how they are undertaken, what tools are used and the method a Surveyor will adopt to get the most accurate outcome possible.

Special Foundations and the Party Wall etc Act 1996

In this Property Surveying Podcast, we will be discussing the Party Wall etc Act 1996 and in particular Special Foundations.

Special Foundations have long been a sticking point on Party Wall Cases and can often lead to delay and cost, both of which are now avoidable! In this podcast we elook at the facts surrounding the matter and hopefully help clarify what has long been a misuderstood Section of the Act.