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Our Property Surveying Podcast

The Berry Lodge Surveying Podcast

As part of our dedication to fully informing our peers, the public and our clients on various different Property Surveying matters, we have launched a topical and informative Surveying Podcast.

Not only are we the first Surveying company to offer a Surveying Podcast, we are also the first to discuss various different Surveying topics including Party Wall Surveying, Valuation related topics and various other Surveying topics, in a straightforward and informative medium.

Our Podcast is free and available on iTunes and Spotify, why not join our growing 10,000 listeners and have a listen now!



Avoiding Boundary Disputes

In this Property Surveying Podcast, we will be discussing boundary disputes, how to avoid them and what to do if you find yourself within one!

Here at Berry Lodge we have seen Boundary Disputes growing in their frequency over the past couple of years, we therefore thought it would be good to discuss the facts surrounding them.

Amir-Siddique vs Kowaliw & Agreed Surveyors

In this Property Surveying Podcast, we will be discussing the recent legal case of Amir-Siddique vs Kowaliw and what it means for Party Wall Surveyors.

This case has shaken up Party Wall procedures as we knew them and is one to note for all Party Wall Surveyors taking on Agreed Surveyor appointments.

Adverse Possession

In this Property Surveying Podcast, we will be talking about adverse possession and what to do if you are experiencing this type of claim.

This is a lot more common than you would think, therefore knowing the facts will make sure that you take the necessary steps at the correct time.

10(4) Party Wall Surveyor Appointments

In this Property Surveying Podcast, we will be discussing the Party Wall etc Act 1996 and what action can be taken if an adjoining owner doesn't respond to a Party Wall Notice.

Party Wall procedures are relevant to the vast majority of construction works that take place within the UK, therefore knowing the facts is imperative.

How to determine a Boundary Line?

Boundary Disputes are a hot topic of discussion and a simple disagreement over the boundary position can quickly spiral into a full blown dispute.

Our aim at Berry Lodge Surveyors is to try and avoid this situation and clarify the facts in a concise and easy to follow report.

Bats and their Roosts

In this Property Surveying Podcast, we will be discussing Bats and what to do if they are located on a development property or site.

Bats are legally protected, so knowing the facts is key. Take a listen now to see what you need to do if you identify bats or roosts on your development.