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May 21, 2018

Party Wall Notice Tips

Written by Bradley Mackenzie

In this week’s blog post, I am going to be looking at Party Wall Notices and sharing some Surveyor tips that I have found useful over the years.

Party Wall Notices not only commence the Party Wall Procedures, but they also notify the adjoining owner of the building owner’s up and coming construction works. Ensuring that the Party Wall Notice is well received is key to both neighbourly relations and the Party Wall Procedures.

Here are my 3 top tips!

Hand Notice Service

Serving a Party Wall Notice by hand is an excellent way for the building owner to discuss the works with adjoining owner to help alleviate any concerns or worries that they may have. It also adds a personal approach which in many cases is all it will take to open discussion. Over the years one of the most common responses we get to a Party Wall Notice is an adjoining owner’s dissatisfaction with the building owner not contacting them directly.

For this reason, this is one of my key tips to ensuring a positive or more favourable response to a Party Wall Notice.

For any building owners thinking of serving their own Party Wall Notice, we have a free set for download here.

Serving Party Wall Notices early

Serving a Party Wall Notice early not only ensures that the building owner’s up and coming construction works avoid delay, but also gives the adjoining owner sufficient time to make the necessary Party Wall enquiries.

In many cases this will involve speaking to Party Wall Surveyors undertaking research commonly via a Google search, while also speaking to friends and family to find out if they’ve had similar Notice or Party Wall works take place to their property.

In starting the procedures early, a building owner ensures that the adjoining owner is fully aware of the works, in turn ensuring that the construction team are up-to-date and not kept in limbo to the last minute potentially being delayed by the Party Wall procedures.

Revised and up-to-date plans

Including up-to-date plans with the Party Wall Notice is key to filling in and informing an adjoining owner of the proposed construction works that are about to take place. In many cases the pre-work procedures will involve a number of project designs usually with a number of changes and amendments.

A simple one but one that’s often overlooked!

Party Wall Notices are in place to legally notify an adjoining owner of the building owner’s proposed work, just because they are a legal document it doesn’t mean they have to be dealt with in an overly formal approach.

If you are planning on undertaking construction works to your home and think the Party Wall etc Act 1996 may apply, give our team of experienced and qualified surveyors a call now who will be happy to assist.