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Property Surveying Blog
Written by Beau Davies

In many cases, a Party Wall Notice may the first time the adjoining owner is notified of the building owner’s proposed construction works.

Party Wall Notices will often also be quite a comprehensive information pack for an adjoining owner to receive, often containing; a Party Wall Surveyor’s letter explaining the Act, Works and Notice. The Party Wall Notice itself. The Party Wall Acknowledgement Form. The Drawings.

Taking these points into account, the manor in which the Party Wall Notice is served can often be a key part in ensuring the most positive adjoining owner response.

Here at Berry Lodge, in my experience, the best form of Party Wall Notice is achieved by a building owner hand serving the Party Wall Notice upon the adjoining owner.

It not only gives a building owner the opportunity to discuss the proposed works with the adjoining owner directly. It also enables the adjoining owner to ask any questions about the works, often avoiding confusion.

Finally, in cases where the owners have never met, it adds a face to the name.

If the adjoining owner wasn’t in, or tenants were to answer, hand service also allows the building owner to attach a short note to the Party Wall Notice offering a phone call if there are any questions.

Party Wall Notices can often be misunderstood with an adjoining owner having a sense of panic with the terminology, formality of the contact, not to mention the works themselves.

In our opinion, the best way that positive response can be achieved is through the Party Wall Surveyor preparing the Notice and then the building owner hand serving the Notice.

In essence, the building owner will be getting the best of both worlds; a Party Wall Surveyor’s Notice which should add peace of mind to the adjoining owner, and also the added the personal neighbour’s touch.