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Property Surveying Blog
Written by Bradley Mackenzie

In this series of Party Wall Blogs we are looking at tips a building owner or an adjoining owner’s Party Wall surveyor can use to potentially avoid Party Wall damage to the adjoining owner’s property.

These are also tips that Party Wall Surveyors can use, after all it is their role to ensure the risk of damage is as low as it can possibly be. Specifying the manner in which the works are undertaken is one way to ensure that.

Party Wall Hoarding

Party Wall Hoarding

Party Wall Hoarding

Party Wall Hoarding is typically applicable when a building owner is undertaking a rear extension and will require access onto the adjoining owner’s land or garden to construct the flank wall of their proposed extension.

Hoarding will not only screen the adjoining owner’s property off from the building site, meaning they can continue to use their garden. It will also ensure that dirt, debris and dust doesn’t enter the adjoining owner’s garden.

You can see an example of hoarding below, we tend to recommend timber hoarding.

Hoarding shouldn’t be treated as added cost, in our experience we find that most reputable contractors will already intend to install it prior to the surveyors pointing it out to the building owner.