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Written by Berry Lodge Surveyors


As Boundary Surveyors, here at Berry Lodge we regularly undertake Boundary Determination Surveys throughout Greater London, England and Wales. By far, one of the most typical questions we find ourselves being asked is:

Why we don’t scale Land Registry Plans when compiling our reports and undertaking our research?

The response to this is a simple one; Her Majesty’s Land Registry (HMLR) title plans weren’t and aren’t intended to determine the boundary line between properties, however, they were and are intended to clearly indicate boundary lines between properties.

It is also worth noting that the scale at which the Land Registry title plans are drawn is almost always at 1 to 1,250. In simple terms, this means that every 10mm (1cm) on the drawn plan would represent 12.5m on site. Therefore, attempting to scale measure a 1 to 1,250 plan would mean that a 1mm measurement on the printed plan would represent a 1.25m measurement on site!

With such a large amount of space at hand, it would be very easy to misidentify the boundary location and potentially misinform the client of the boundary line location. It would also be impossible to determine the location of a 150mm wide timber fence or 225mm wide brick wall based off this logic.

For these reasons, unless the plan is to a suitable scale such as 1 to 25 or 1 to 50, we would never attempt to scale. Larger scales wouldn’t allow for effective measurement on site and would almost certainly lead to vastly incorrect information being provided.

As Boundary Surveyors we will always look at the Land Registry title plans and deeds as part of our background research, however, generally speaking it is only to get a general idea of the Boundary Line and its position. The remainder of the determination comes from a combination of site inspection and historic research.

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