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Property Surveying Blog
Written by Beau Davies

Here at Berry Lodge we deal with thousands of Parry Wall Awards each year, by far one of the most common forms of work I see being undertaken to terraced or semi-detached properties is structural work to the Party Wall.

Whether this work be in the form of a loft conversion, chimney breast removal, or internal structural works you can be sure that they will all involve structural changes to the Party Wall which can lead to both vibrations or movement.

These vibrations will cause the brickwork and mortar to shake, with this shaking dust, debris and even lose bricks can enter an adjoining owner’s property which can be both dirty and also intrusive and will often lead to costly cleaning bills!

At Berry Lodge when ever we are agreeing a Party Wall Award, we always opt for a cautious approach and as such ensure that the Party Wall Award is as protective and thorough as it can be.

One of our most helpful ways of doing this is ensuring that prior to a building owner commencing their proposed work, they visit the adjoining owner’s property to fully protect and seal any open vents, chimney breasts, flues or gaps to the Party Wall.

This proactive and cautious step is a very low cost way of ensuring a building owner easily protects the adjoining owner from dust entering their property and therefore avoids the disruption in having to intermittently clean the adjoining owner’s property.

I have included a photograph taken on a recent job which will hopefully fully clarify and explain how this very simple protection can be achieved.

In this case the protection took no more than 5 minutes to install and the materials were less than £10!

With average property damage cleaning costs being in the region of £200 – £800 this is an affordable and easy way to avoid costly repairs!