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January 14, 2019

What are Timber Defects?

Written by Karim El Shenawi-Ali

In this blog, I will be looking to grant you with an insight into the various types of timber defects. In my experience, I find it to be one of the most common forms of defects that can occur in a property. I have found timber defects to be located mainly within timber constructed lofts […]

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Written by Aman Singh

In this week’s blog, I will be discussing whether a building owner, who is the person undertaking the construction works,  would be required to go through the Party Wall Procedures including serving a Party Wall Notice and potentially having a Party Wall Award in place for an extension to their property. What are Party Wall […]

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Written by Tughan Musa

Disputes with neighbours are common. Whilst we would all like to live harmoniously, occasionally scenarios will crop up that lead to disagreements. One of the more common disagreements between neighbours is a boundary dispute, according to research making up 10% of all neighbourly disagreements. Boundary disputes between neighbours are a perennial problem. They cause a […]

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Written by Sadek Miah

When discussing the Party Wall etc Act 1996 there are different entities to consider that may affect the works that a building owner proposes to undertake. The below will give an insight into the characteristics of different types of walls often referred to under the Party Wall etc Act 1996. There are 2 main types […]

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Written by Bradley Mackenzie

In this week’s blog post, I thought it would be helpful to look at how best to serve a Party Wall Notice upon an adjoining owner and hopefully encourage a more favourable response. My biggest tip for a positive or favourable Party Wall Notice response would be to engage with the adjoining owners as early […]

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