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Property Surveying Blog

In our informative Property Surveying Blog we take pride in writing weekly blog posts on Property Surveying.

Whether it is Party Wall Surveying, RICS HomeBuyer Reports, Valuations or Property Defects, you can be sure to find a blog post on the topic here!

Written by Karim El Shenawi-Ali

Having recently qualified as an RICS Surveyor, I have wasted no time in immersing myself in Property Valuations. I recently undertook a very interesting Retrospective Valuation and I thought I’d share my knowledge and experience I gained! So what is a Retrospective Property Valuation? A Retrospective Valuation is typically a valuation of a property based […]

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Written by Tughan Musa

A Third Surveyor is a very unique role and comes into play when called upon by the building owner, the adjoining owner, the building owner’s Surveyor or likewise the adjoining owner’s Surveyor. The Third Surveyor’s role is to determine any matter that is in dispute between the parties under the realm of the Party Wall […]

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Written by Beau Davies

In this blog post I am going to be discussing Party Wall Access, and in particular those works that I believe facilitate access under the Party Wall etc act 1996. One of the hottest topics of debate amongst Party Wall Surveyors is access. There are a large amount of Surveyors that believe access is not facilitated […]

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Written by Bradley Mackenzie

In this blog post I am going to be discussing the type of considerations that need to be taken into account when a leaseholder is obtaining a Licence to Alter from his freeholder. Given that most leaseholders will live in a block shared with other owners/leaseholders, it is common that the contractor will gain access […]

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Written by Liam Wilkinson

In conversations with your Appointed Surveyor or perhaps whilst reading your Party Wall Award, you may have heard the term ‘Third Surveyor’ and wondered what it meant. In simple terms a Third Surveyor is a tertiary Surveyor who is chosen unanimously by both the Building Owner’s and Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor and exists to resolve disputes […]

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Written by Aman Singh

So you have been granted planning permission by your local council and now you’re looking to serve Party Wall Notices upon your neighbours (adjoining owners)? Well, in this week’s blog post I will discuss the different ways that the Party Wall etc Act 1996 allows for Party Wall Notices to be served.. I can assure […]

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