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In our informative Property Surveying Blog we take pride in writing weekly blog posts on Property Surveying.

Whether it is Party Wall Surveying, RICS HomeBuyer Reports, Valuations or Property Defects, you can be sure to find a blog post on the topic here!

Written by Liam Wilkinson

If your neighbour is planning construction works under the Party Wall etc Act 1996, it is possible you have heard the term ‘Party Wall Access’. If the proposed works include raising the Party Wall or building up to, or astride the boundary line, your neighbour’s construction team will require access to your property in order […]

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August 3, 2020

Party Wall Survey Costs

Written by Berry Lodge Surveyors

Under the Party Wall Act 1996, building owners who plan to carry out changes or alterations to their properties are required to serve adjoining owners a Party Wall Notice one or two months before the work commences. Once received, the adjoining owners have three Party Wall Notice response options: Consent to the work Dissent and […]

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Written by Bradley Mackenzie

If you are reading this blog it is likely that you are strongly considering buying a property but you’re somewhat hesitant. Your apprehension is justified. We all know someone who bought a property only to discover a mound of hidden defects later down the line. Repair costs can rack up and make the difference between […]

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Written by Beau Davies

Unsurprisingly, mortgage lenders have become cautious with properties that are affected by Japanese knotweed. It is estimated that it has resulted in a loss of value to the UK property market by up to £20 billion! Classified as an invasive non-native plant, the fast-growing plant can reach a height of two meters and spread underground […]

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Written by Sadek Miah

If you have a residential lease, then its terms most likely state that you need to get the permission of the landlord before you make any structural or material changes to the property. This is a relatively simple process which is called an application for a licence for alterations. For What Work is a Licence […]

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July 6, 2020

Giant Hogweed

Written by Berry Lodge Surveyors

Unbeknown to many homeowners and members of the public, this plant is invasive and dangerous with severe effects on health.  What is Giant Hogweed? Giant hogweed, formally known as Heracleum mantegazzianum is a large plant originating from Eastern Europe. Back in the 19th Century, it was introduced to the United Kingdom as an ornamental garden […]

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