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Property Surveying Blog

Written by Liam Wilkinson

If you are reading this blog post it is likely that you have recently received a heap of papers entitled ‘Party Wall Notice’ in the post. They probably bare reference to a ‘Party Wall Act’ which you have never heard of before and contain drawings of building plans that are difficult to understand.     […]

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May 7, 2018

Boundary Surveying

Written by Beau Davies

Boundaries can be both historic and often overgrown, meaning that determining the exact position is both an onsite and desktop exercise. In this blog post we’re going to be talking about Boundary Surveying and in particular the tools that our Boundary Surveyors use on site to assist in their determination of the Boundary Line. During […]

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April 30, 2018

Property Valuations

Written by Karim El Shenawi-Ali

Over the past few weeks, I have been undertaking quite a few property valuations. I have undertaken market valuations, probate valuations and retrospective valuations. One major common theme that was occurring during these valuations was obtaining good comparable data. So I thought, why not write a blog post explaining why good comparable data is so […]

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Written by Tughan Musa

Winter is here and as some of us are probably using our fireplaces, I thought it would be a good time to write a blog about a particular defect ‘leaning chimney’. Although smog and chimney sweep boys are now a thing of the past, chimneys can contain defects, such as dislodged pots, leaks and significant […]

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April 16, 2018

An In-Depth look at Roofs

Written by Karim El Shenawi-Ali

Throughout the many site visits I have undertaken over the past year, I have come to familiarise myself with a number of different roof structures. One question that will always fall off the tongue of an owner is what roof shall I have for my new extension. Through this blog post, I aim to provide […]

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Written by Bradley Mackenzie

One of the most common questions we’re asked by both building owners and adjoining owners is whether the Contractor’s Insurance can be relied upon by an adjoining owner in the event of damage. In my experience, this tends to be one of the most common disagreements between Party Wall Surveyors with there generally being two […]

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